London Electronics INTUITIVE-JUNIOR For Thermocouple and RTD inputs. Deg. C/F display

NOK 1 000,- (eks. mva.)

Produktnummer: 720037

The INTUITIVE-JUNIOR range is another simplified version of our INTUITIVE.

As standard, you get 2 changeover alarm relay outputs. A 5 digit display gives plenty of scaling flexibility and the power supplies are wide range switch-mode types.

The front panels are sealed to IP65 and all connections are to detachable screw terminals.

Accuracy 0.1%
Excitation 24V
Tempco 100ppm/C
Resolution 1:30K
Filtering Selectable from 0 to 5 seconds
Count by Last digit may be set to count by 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 50
Alarms 2 SPCO relays 5A 250VAC rated. Adjustable hysteresis. Set HI or LO
Power 95-265 VAC standard, 11-30 VDC optional. Consumption 5 VA typ.
Dimensions 1/8 DIN bezel. 125mm deep. Weight 300 grammes typ. Cutout 45 x 92mm
Temperature 0-60 degrees operating, -20 to +70 storage. 0-95% RH non condensing
Sealing IP65 at front panel