Keithley System 41 RF/Microwave Signal Routing Mainframe w/ up to 240 Ch

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The System 41 is optimized solely for microwave signal routing applications. We've integrated the ability to control up to 240 RF/microwave channels within the chassis that houses the switches to provide an optimum combination of price and performance in just seven inches of rack space. The System 41 can be configured with one of the three standard switch modules. 

Integrated solution, including both controller and microwave components in 4U (7") package
Three standard microwave switch modules
- 10x10 unterminated matrix
- 6x6 unterminated matrix
- 1x72/dual 1�36 unterminated multiplexer
Unique front panel enables interactive control as well as real-time status display
DC to 18GHz frequency range
Pre-programmed, turnkey solutions
Phase matching