Keithley Model 2290-10 10kV Power Supply

NOK 69 460,- (eks. mva.)

Produktnummer: 2290-10

Series 2290 High Voltage Power Supplies facilitate high voltage device and material testing, as well as high energy physics experimentation. The Model 2290E-5 5kV Power Supply provides voltage outputs up to 5000V, and the Model 2290-10 10kV Power Supply offers up to 10,000V. The Model 2290E-5 has a 5mA current capacity, and the Model 2290-10 has a 1mA current capacity. These supplies measure both output voltage with 1V resolution and output current with 1μA resolution. In addition to the voltage and current output displays, a third display shows one of four settings: output voltage, voltage limit, current limit, or current trip. These values can be set precisely with the front panel keypad. The settings can also be programmed over the IEEE-4888 interface, or the output voltage can be set with an analog control voltage.

Source voltages up to 10kV
1µA current measurement resolution
Low noise for precision sourcing and sensitive measurements
Safety interlock controls high voltage output
IEEE-488 programmable
Protection module prevents damage to low voltage instrumentation