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Keithley DMM7512 7½- Digit Dual Channel Sampling Multimeter

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The DMM7512 combines two full-function, high accuracy, high sampling speed DMMs into a 1U high, full rack wide form factor chassis. The compact chassis saves rack space in high-instrument density test systems without compromising measurement performance. Each DMM has identical functionality, and they are entirely independent of each other.
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Produktnummer: DMM7512

The DMM7512 consists of two, independent, identical, 7½-digit DMM7510 digital multimeters (DMMs) with a few less measurement functions. The two DMM7512 DMMs have the same accuracy, sensitivity, and speed as the DMM7510 so that the DMM7512 can be seamlessly integrated into a test system that previously used DMM7510s.


Sample complex waveforms with the 1Msample/s, 18-bit digitizer; store up to 27.5 million readings
Test components used in low power circuits with 0.1 µΩ and 1 pA sensitivities
Maximize test quality with high test uncertainty ratios using 1-year accuracy DC volts as good as 14 ppm
Make accurate low resistance measurements with offset compensated ohms, four-wire, and dry circuit functions
Built-in Test Script Processor (TSP®) enables test sequence execution without controller interaction, reducing test time and communication overhead, while availing the controller for other tasks