Keithley Adapter-Box-C-10 for semiconductor test

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Produktnummer: BOX-C-10

The Adapter-Box-C-10 is designed to test semiconductor components and devices. For the supply and analysis of test signals there is a wide variety of connectors available on the rear side of the test fixture. Supplied connecting plugs, bridge wires, adapters (plug to plug) and test leads complete the test fixture offering. The optional Probe-Option-10, vacuum pump and vacuum pincer expand the range of applications even into substrate contact level. More options and customization according to customer requirements are available on request.

Voltage rating: 60V
Current rating: 1A
Insulation resistance: 10xExp14
Residual resistance: <10 mOhm
Operating temp.: 0-50 degrees C
Operating humidity: 20-85% RH non-condensing
Dimensions: 230mmx200mmx155mm
Weight: 2,5kg