Keithley ADwin Real-Time automation & Data Acquisition Applications

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ADwin systems are designed for high speed, real-time automation and data acquisition applications. They are used in thousands of different applications.

While many of these industrial and scientific applications require deterministic performance, most system designers want to take advantage of the extensive capabilities available through the Microsoft® Windows® operating system for visualization, graphical user interfaces (GUI), database access, and networking capabilities. However, the Windows operating system isn't designed to provide deterministic program execution for real-time applications. The most logical solution for creating high speed, real-time applications is to locate a dedicated CPU near the signal source, so it has its own resources for processing the data produced. This is the only structure that ensures precise response times with predictable delays, as well as deterministic program and process execution. This is exactly what ADwinsystems—with their local CPU and memory, additional analog and digital interfaces, and various expansion options—provide.

All ADwin applications operate in real time. Every sampled value or event can be evaluated in the same sampling step. For example, a control or online analysis function can follow a data acquisition immediately, running at some kHz, some hundreds of kHz, or even at MHz speeds, depending on the ADwin hardware used.

Every ADwin system is built around a high speed, 32-bit floating point signal processor and a local memory. This processor is responsible for all real-time processing in the system, so the application operates independently from the PC and its operating system. Depending on the ADwin system, various configurations and options are available.

High speed and real-time automation
Operates in real time
High speed 32-bit floating point signal processor and a local memory