Keithley 8010 High Power Test Fixture

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Produktnummer: 8010

The Model 8010 High Power Device Test Fixture provides safe and easy connections for testing Packaged high power devices at up to 3000V or 100A. The Model 8010 provides connections for a high voltage SourceMeter instrument (Model 2657A), one or two high current SourceMeter instruments (Model 2651A), and three low power SourceMeter instruments (other Series 2600A or Model 4200-SCS SMUs). This allows devices with two terminals (diodes) or three terminals (transistors) or even four or five terminals to be characterized safely and accurately.

The Model 8010 has full interlock capability for up to six SourceMeter instruments. The Model 8010 has integrated protection circuits that protect the low voltage SourceMeter instruments from high voltages the Model 2657A can output should a device fault occur. The Model 8010 includes both a high current (100A) and a high voltage (3000V) test socket. Various replacement test socket modules are available, including TO-247, TO-220, axial lead, and a blank socket module that allows building a custom socket.

Three replaceable socket modules:
1) Model 8010-DTB Device Test Board TO-247 (included)
2) Model 8010-DTB-220  Device Test Board TO-220
3) Model 8010-CTB Customizable Test Board  (included)

Lab and Bench Applications
Supports up to 100A
Supports up to 3KV
Protection modules built in
Up to 6 SMU interlocks
Standard Banana Jumpers
Scope and Thermal probe port