Keithley 7712 3.5 GHz Bandwidth 50-Ohm Dual 1 x 4 RF Switching Module

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Produktnummer: 7712

The Model 7712 plug-in module offers a 50Ω, dual 1x4 multiplexer configuration with rear panel SMA 1x4 connectors. Multiple multiplexers can be cascaded to build scalable matrix and multiplexer systems for a large number of devices under test and RF source/measurement instruments. One channel in each multiplex bank is always closed to the corresponding OUT connector. The 3.5GHz RF switching capability of the Model 7712 makes it ideal for applications such as 3G telecom, wireless LAN, and Bluetooth module testing.

3.5GHz bandwidth
Dual 1x4 configuration
Onboard switch closure counter
Onboard S parameter storage