Keithley 7002-HD 320 Channel High Density 2 Slot Half Rack Switch Mainframe & Cards

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Produktnummer: 7002-HD

The Model 7002-HD switch mainframe and high density switch cards provide a cost-effective, high density switching solution in a half-rack, 2U enclosure. This combination of compact size and high switching density makes the Model 7002-HD system one of the best switching values in the test and measurement industry.

Cost-effective, high density switch mainframe and cards
High density, half-rack switching mainframe, just 2U (3.5 in) high
Differential 6x32 matrix card
Differential quad 1x40 multiplexer card
Analog backplane simplifies constructing larger matrix or multiplexer configurations
Designed for easy integration with Keithley DMMs or SourceMeter® instruments
200V, 1A signal handling capacity
GPIB/IEEE-488 and Trigger Link interfaces