Keithley 6517B Electrometer/High Resistance Meter

NOK 103 020,- (eks. mva.)

Produktnummer: 6517B

Keithley's 5½-digit Model 6517B Electrometer/High Resistance Meter offers accuracy and sensitivity specifications unmatched by any other meter of this type. Italso offers a variety of features that simplifies measuring high resistances and the resistivity of insulating materials. With reading rates of up to 425 readings/ second, the Model 6517B is also significantly faster than competitive electrometers, so it offers a quick, easy way to measure low-level currents.

Measures resistances up to 1016Ω
1fA - 20mA current measurement range
<20µV burden voltage on lowest current ranges
200TΩ input impedance
<3fA bias current
Up to 425 rdgs/s
0.75fA p-p noise
Built-in ±1kV voltage source
Unique voltage reversal method for high resistance measurements
Optional plug-in scanner cards