Keithley 6482 Dual-channel 6½-digit Picoammeter 1fA Resolution

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Produktnummer: 6482

The Model 6482 Dual-Channel Picoammeter/Voltage Source provides two independent picoammeter/voltage source channels for a wide range of low-level measurement applications that require dual-channel measurements. Building off of the proven measurement capabilities of Keithley's Model 6485 5½-digit Picoammeter, the Model 6482 adds higher measurement resolution, a second measurement channel, and dual, independent 30V voltage bias sources.

With its dual channel measurement capabilities, the Model 6482 is a great measurement tool for analyzing multi-channel devices, monitoring currents in multiple locations on materials, and recording data from multiple sensors at once. The dual channels facilitate easier control and data aggregation. The greater channel density increases the number of instruments (and channels) that can fit in confined spaces.

Dual-channel, 6½-digit measurement capability
Dual ±30V bias sources
Measures currents up to 20mA
Measures currents with 1fA resolution
0-10V analog output for high resolution measurement feedback
Supports assembly process, final testing, parts binning, and specification
3000-point buffer memory on each channel allows data transfer after test completion
Trigger Link for binning and sweep test operations
IEEE-488 and RS-232 interfaces