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Keithley 3762 10-Channel High Voltage Multiplexer Card

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Produktnummer: 3762

The 3762 switches voltages up to 1000 V peak or currents up to 0.5 A. The current carry capacity of each relay contact is 1 A. Two-pole relays switch both circuit HI and circuit LO for full floating measurements. A Guard input common to all channels is provided for shielding or as a guard driven by a single instrument. Guards may be isolated by removing resistors installed at each input. Multiple switched guard circuits can be achieved byremoving the jumper and connecting circuit Guard to the LO input terminal. The 3760 does not connect to the 6 common buses on the 3706A backplane. Daisy chaining cards can be achieved by using an output channel.

Channels Per Card 10.
Contact Configuration 2 Form A with user selectable shield or driven guard.
Connector Type Screw terminals, #16AWG maximum wire size
Relay Drive Current 80 mA per relay typ.
Maximum Switching Levels 1000 V, 0.5 A, 10 W.
Maximum Carry Current 1 A DC or RMS.
Contact Life >108 closures (cold switching), >106 closures (hot switching at 1000 V, 1 mA).
Contact Resistance <200 mΩ initial, <2 Ω for rated life.
Contact Potential <35 μV per contact pair.
Actuation Time <2 ms exclusive of mainframe.
Channel Isolation >1010 Ω, <10 pF.
Differential Input Isolation >109 Ω, <10 pF.
Common Mode Input Isolation >109 Ω, <150 pF.
Common Mode Voltage 1000 V peak.
EMC Conforms with European Union Low Voltage Directive.
Operating Environment 0° to 50°C, 70% relative humidity up to 35° C.
Storage Environment –25° to 65° C.
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Technical specification
Keithley 3762 [0,28 MB]