Keithley 3760 10-Channel High-Current Multiplexer Card

NOK 16 220,- (eks. mva.)

Produktnummer: 3760

The 3760 has ten 2-pole channels and features 5 A contacts. The switching is designed to maintain current paths for signals not connected to the output or, when internal jumpers are removed, to provide high input resistance for making voltage measurements. The 3760 does not connect to the 6 common buses on the 3706A backplane. Daisy chaining cards can be achieved by using an output channel. Semiconductor testing, materials research, power supply testing, solar cell measurements, electrochemical applications and IC testing are among the applications simplified with the 3760 High Current Multiplexer Card.

Channels Per Card 10.
Contact Configuration 2-pole Form C with common guard.
Connector Type Screw terminal, #16AWG maximum wire size.
Relay Drive Current 80 mA per relay typical.
Maximum Switching Levels 300 V, 5 A, 100 VA (resistive load only).
Maximum Applied Voltage 500 V.
Contact Life >107 closures (cold switching), >105 closures (at maximum signal level).
Contact Resistance <0.15 Ω to rated life.
Contact Potential 1 mV max.
Actuation Time <15 ms, exclusive of mainframe.
Channel Isolation >109 Ω, <50 pF.
Input Isolation >107 Ω, <150 pF.
Common Mode Voltage 500 V peak.
EMC Conforms to all European Union directives.
Operating Environment 0° to 50°C, up to 35°C at 70% relative humidity.
Storage Environment –25°C to 65°C.
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Technical specification
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