Keithley 3740 32-channel Isolated Switch Card

NOK 13 670,- (eks. mva.)

Produktnummer: 3740

The Model 3740 offers 28 general-purpose form C channels that are ideal for routing power or other control devices. For higher power applications of up to 7A, four additional high current form A channels are provided.

28 general purpose Form C relays rated for 300V, 2A switched or 3A carry signal capacity; 60W, 125VA
4 high current Form A relays rated for 250VAC, 7A or 30VDC, 7A switched capacity; 210W
Analog backplane connection relays provided for user interconnections
Screw terminal connections provided on removable 3740-ST accessory
Relay closures stored in onboard memory
Latching electromechanical relays