Keithley 3722 Dual 1x48, High Density, Multiplexer Card

NOK 21 830,- (eks. mva.)

Produktnummer: 3722

The Model 3722 offers two independent banks of 1x48 two-pole multiplexers, which is ideal for applications that require a high channel count. The two banks can automatically be connected to the Series 3700 mainframe backplane and optional DMM through the analog backplane connection relays. This connection allows the mainframe to reconfigure the card as a single 1x96 two-pole multiplexer or to enable card-to-card expansion for even larger configurations. Another feature of this card is the latching electromechanical relays. They can accommodate 300V, 1A switched signal levels.

96 two-pole or 48 four-pole channels for general purpose measurements
Analog backplane connection relays provide easy bank and card interconnections
300V, 1A switched or 2A carry signal capacity; 60W, 125VA
1μV and 100pA offsets
25MHz bandwidth
Relay closures stored in onboard memory
Latching electromechanical relays
Scan and measure over 110 channels/second