Keithley 3706A System Switch Mainframe with DMM

NOK 37 130,- (eks. mva.)

Six slot system switch mainframe with optional high performance multimeter plug-in cards.
Produktnummer: 3706A

The Series 3700A offers scalable, instrument grade switching and multi-channel measurement solutions that are optimized for automated testing of electronic products and components. The Series 3700A includes four versions of the Model 3706 system switch mainframe along with a growing family of plug-in switch and control cards.

The Model 3706A system switch with high performance digital multimeter (DMM) contains six slots for plug-in cards in a compact 2U high (3.5 inches/89mm) enclosure that easily accommodates the needs of medium to high channel count applications. When fully loaded, a mainframe can support up to 576 two-wire multiplexer channels for unrivaled density and economical per channel costs. The high performance multimeter provides a tightly integrated switch and measurement system that meets the demanding application requirements in a functional test system or provides the flexibility needed in stand-alone data acquisition and measurement applications.


Six slot system switch mainframe with optional high performance multimeter
Multi-processor architecture optimized for high throughput scanning and pattern switching applications
Remote PC control via Ethernet, USB, and GPIB interfaces
Up to 576 two-wire multiplexer channels in one mainframe
LXI Class B compliance with IEEE 1588 time synchronization
Embedded Test Script Processor (TSP®) offering unparalleled system automation, throughput, and flexibility
TSP-Link® master/slave connection provides easy system expansion and seamless connection to Series 2600 SourceMeter® instruments
Capable of over 14,000 readings per second to memory with optional high performance multimeter
Embedded Web browser interface for test setup, maintenance, and basic application control
Variety of instrument grade switch and control cards