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Keithley 3390 50MHz Arbitrary Waveform/Function Generator

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Produktnummer: 3390

Keithley has paired the best-in-class performance of the Model 3390 Arbitrary Waveform/Function Generator with the best price in the industry to provide your applications with superior waveform generation functionality and flexibility at an unparalleled price. The Model 3390 is an easy-to-use programmable signal generator with advanced function, pulse, and arbitrary waveform capabilities.

50MHz sine wave frequency
25MHz pulse frequency
Arbitrary waveform generator with 256k-point, 14-bit resolution
Built-in function generator capability includes: sine, square, triangle, noise, DC, etc.
Precision pulses and square waves with fast (5ns) rise/fall times
Built-in 10MHz external time base for multiple unit synchronization
Built-in AM, FM, PM, FSK, PWM modulation
Frequency sweep and burst capability
Waveform creation software, KiWAVE, included
LXI Class C compliance
Ideal companion for Model 2100 Digital Multimeter