Keithley 2634B Dual-channel Source Meter SMU Instrument

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NOK 180 540,- (eks. mva.)

200V, 1fA, 1.5A DC / 10A Pulse
Produktnummer: 2634B

The Model 2634B SourceMeter® SMU instrument is a new dual-channel SMU instrument with best-in-class value and performance. Its tightly-integrated, four-quadrant design allows it to simultaneously source and measure both voltage and current to boost productivity in R&D and bench-top applications. The wide range of 1.5A DC, 10A pulse, 200V output and 1fA measurement resolution makes it suitable to test a wide range of lower current devices and materials.

The Model 2634B is equipped with Keithley's high speed TSP® technology, which is over 200% faster than traditional PC-to-instrument communication techniques. The Model 2634B is designed for bench-top applications and, therefore, does not have the high-end, system-level automation features of the Model 2636B SourceMeter SMU Instrument that includes digital I/O, TSP®-Link technology, and contact check function.

Dual-channel model with 60W power output (30W/channel)
4 quadrant source/measure with 6½-digit resolution
Current Max/Min: 1.5A DC,10A pulse/1fA
Voltage Max/Min: 200V/100nV
Built-in "Plug & Play" Java-Based I-V characterization and test software
TSP® (Test Script Processing) technology embeds complete test programs inside the instruments
Software emulation for Keithley's Model 2400 SourceMeter SMU Instrument
Large, easy-to-read, dual line display