Keithley 2401 SourceMeter 20V 1A 20W

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NOK 41 920,- (eks. mva.)

Produktnummer: 2401

Keithley's SourceMeter family is designed specifically for test applications that demand tightly coupled sourcing and measurement. All SourceMeter models provide precision voltage and current sourcing as well as measurement capabilities. Each SourceMeter instrument is both a highly stable DC power source and a true instrument-grade 5-1/2 digit multimeter. The power source characteristics include low noise, precision, and readback. The multimeter capabilities include high repeatability and low noise.

Power Output - 20W
Voltage - 1μV–20V
Current - 10pA–1A
Accuracy - 0.012% basic w 5-digit resolution
Key Features
● Five instruments in one (IV Source, IVR Measure)
● DMM-like User
● Source+Sink Operation
Interfaces Standard SCPI GPIB, RS-232 and Keithley Trigger Link