Keithley 2281S-20-6 Precision DC Supply and Battery Simulator, 20V, 6A

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Produktnummer: 2281S-20-6

The Series 2281S Battery Simulator and Precision DC Power Supply innovatively integrates battery simulation with the functions of a high-precision power supply and battery testing. It's able to analyze the DC consumption of a device under test, test a battery, generate a battery model based on the battery charging process, and simulate a battery based on the battery model. The 2281S-20-6 can output voltage and current up to 20V and 6A and sink current up to 1A.

Simulate a battery's output during the charge and discharge cycles
Create, edit, import, and export battery models
Build a library of battery models automatically based on measurement results using battery test mode
Display the real-time change of the state of charge (SOC), open circuit voltage (Voc), and terminal voltage (Vt) for the simulated battery
Compute battery capacity in amp-hour and equivalent series resistance (ESR)
Program the battery SOC, Voc, capacity, and resistance
Provide two modes of simulation — dynamic and static
Monitor charge/discharge current and voltage
Output up to 120W of low noise, linear regulated power
Monitor load currents from 100nA to 6A with high accuracy
Measure voltage and current with 6½-digit resolution
Sink current up to 1A and source current up to 6A
Built-in graphing simplifies analyzing trends or displaying voltage or current waveforms
High resolution TFT display and soft-key/icon-based user interface simplify power supply operation
Digital I/O for direct communication with other devices and instruments
GPIB, USB, and LAN interfaces
Emulation of front panel display and controls via your web browser simplifies automated control and monitoring