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JUMO Wtrans Receiver with Wireless Data Transmission

Type 902931, for measuring temperature, pressure, potentiometer and voltage.
Produktnummer: 902931

The Wtrans receiver T01 in combination with suitable Wtrans transmitters is used for mobile or stationary measurements of physical variables. A significant reduction of the installation work is achieved due to the use of trendsetting wireless technology found in the industrial radio frequency 868.4 MHz or 915 MHz. Cable connections are not required, the radio-based sensor technology also functions in a rough industrial environment. The supplied lambda/4-antenna with an impedance of 50 ohm can be screwed on directly or fitted externally. If the antenna wall holder with a 3 m antenna cable is used then the open air range is 300 m. In the receiver the received measured values are converted, displayed, and are available as linear current or voltage signals (0(4) to 20 mA, 0 to10 V) and via the digital interface RS485. All receiver outputs are electrically isolated. The connection to higher-ranking systems (e.g. the plant visualization software JUMO SVS3000 or the Modbus master compatible paperless recorder JUMO LOGOSCREEN nt) is possible via the digital interface with Modbus protocol.

Operation and configuration is possible via the keypad in connection with a 2-line LCD display or a setup program for greater comfort. Thus, parameters such as filter constants, offset, alarms, and drag indicator (minimum and maximum value memory) can be separately set for each channel. For this purpose, a plug is provided on the front for a PC interface with TTL/ RS232 or USB/TTL converter to connect the receiver and the PC. The receiver in the mounting rail case is intended for fitting on a DIN rail 35 mm × 7.5 mm according to DIN EN 60715. The screw terminals for the electrical connection are arranged at different levels. The conductor cross section may not exceed 2.5 mm2.

For measuring temperature, pressure, potentiometer, and voltage
Interface RS485 with Modbus protocol
Wireless measured value reception
No wiring work due to modern wireless technology
For up to 16 transmitters per receiver