IBAKmarine NHS200H, 20W Daylight Signalling Searchlight

Produktnummer: NHS200H

System Technical Data
Approval Bundesamt für Seeschiffahrt und Hydrographie NHS200H BSH 14/01/92 NHS200 BSH 14/01/1/92
Material Seawater and weather proof synthetic material (polycarbonate)
Type of enclosure IP55 to EN 60529
Reflector High polish parabolic glass reflector 150mmØ
Features Electric signalling (NHS200H) Sighting device Connection cable with concentric plug
Lamps Halogen lamp 20W/24V or 12V
Range NHS200H: 300m NHS200: > 180m
Signalling range 4.5 km in daylight 36.0 km at night
Weight 1.2 kg (1.55 kg with cable and plug)