IBAKmarine NHS200, 20W Daylight Signalling Searchlight

Produktnummer: NHS200

System Technical Data
Approval Bundesamt für Seeschiffahrt und Hydrographie NHS200H BSH 14/01/92 NHS200 BSH 14/01/1/92
Material Seawater and weather proof synthetic material (polycarbonate)
Type of enclosure IP55 to EN 60529
Reflector High polish parabolic glass reflector 150mm Ø
Features Electric signalling (NHS200H) Sighting device Connection cable with concentric plug
Lamps Halogen lamp 20W/24V or 12V
Range NHS200H: 300m NHS200: > 180m
Signalling range 4.5 km in daylight 36.0 km at night
Weight 1.2 kg (1.55 kg with cable and plug)