Hense Weigh Feeder Systems

Weigh feeders according to your demand
Produktnummer: Weigh Feeder Systems

Hense Wägetechnik offers a range of conveying belts with integrated belt scales.

The basic function of a belt conveyor is to transport solid product. Unfortunately the optimum conveyor design in terms of transportation and product properties does not match the requirement for precise weighing. For this reason, our conveying belts are constructed and assembled by experienced specialists. They will select the best belt type, scraper and other parameters that are important for the safe and trouble free operation of the conveyor.

We try to achieve an optimum combination of transport relevant parameters and the weighing accuracy. This requires a flexible concept of different conveyor types.

The belt speed is measured via an incremental encoder at the turn drum. The encoder frequency is between 500 and 1000 pulses / turn. This provides a very accurate speed signal at low belt speed. The instrumentation is mounted in an IP67 stainless steel enclosure. The language of the operator menu is selectable. We also offer the relevant certification for the US and Russian markets.