Hense Mic-Flowmeter for Solids

The simple and reliable flow measurement for solids in pneumatic- and gravimetric conveying systems
Produktnummer: Mic-Flowmeter for Solids

The MIC Microwave Measuring System consists of a sensor head with stainless steel pipe that acts as a waveguide and the electronic unit. To mount the equipment a hole for the mounting plug is first drilled in the conduit. The sensor is installed in line with the wall and therefore is wear-free.

The system is virtually unaffected by pressure and temperature and provides a typical accuracy within /- 5 % in pneumatic conveying systems (with even deviation of the product). The MIC sensor can be use to monitor and control the solid flow in vertical pipes and pneumatic feed lines. For pipe diameters above 250mm it could be necessary to install 2 or 3 sensors for a better average of the particle flow profile.

The sensor face transmits a frequency of 24 GHz to the powder or grain material. The pulses are reflected from the particles and analysed via a special algorithm. The result is a flow proportional current output that is amplified and conditioned inside the remote electronic unit. The instrumentation displays the flow value direct in kg/h and in absolute quantity (kg) (t).

For chemical industry, plastic production, building industry and food industry<BR>
Simple installation in existing pipe work
ƒƒMeasurement flush With wall and non-contact
ƒƒDetects only ”moving“ particles
ƒƒHigh operating safety
ƒƒSuitable even for very small flow rates