Helmholz TB20 Label package

Label your modules quickly and accurately
Produktnummer: 600-980-9AA01
  • Unique, clear channel labeling
  • Makes it possible to quickly determine which terminals correspond to which LEDs
  • Compatible with laser printers
  • Free “TB20 ToolBox” software

Our TB20 label package will enable you to label your modules quickly, accurately, and according to their specific needs.

You can use the "TB20 ToolBox" software to print out label sheets with a laser printer, after which you will only need to separate the labels, slide them into the relevant module, and voilà! Your custom labels will be ready and in place.

Each label package is composed of the following

  • Title page/quick start guide
  • Eight “green” A4 label sheets
  • Two “white” A4 label sheets

Each A4 label sheet includes

  • 121 labels for 14 mm modules
  • 11 labels for 25 mm modules
  • 11 labels for bus couplers
  • 11 labels for communication modules
Article name and order number
TB20 label package 600-980-9AA01