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Helmholz REX 200 WAN, 4 x LAN (switch)/1 x WAN port

Ethernet router

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With the REX 200 industrial routers, Ethernet subscribers, such as PLC controllers, can be achieved regardless of manufacturer.
Produktnummer: 700-877-WAN01

The REX 200 routers are designed for operation in conjunction with the myREX24 V2 portal: The complete parameterization and remote maintenance is carried out via the portal. In addition to remote maintenance, the REX 200 routers can also read data from the PLC, visualize and generate alarms. For remote maintenance and data transmission, the industrial router uses an encrypted VPN tunnel based on the secure OpenVPN protocol.

With the 4 digital inputs, alarms can be sent via SMS and email via the myREX24 V2 Portal. The 2 digital outputs can be system states of the router, e.g. with a lamp on the control cabinet, or can be activated via the portal.

The USB host interface available on all devices enables the connection of USB device devices (eg programming interface of a drive) via the remote maintenance tunnel (USB-over-IP).

The REX 200 WAN has a WAN interface via which the connection to the myREX24 V2 portal is established. The integrated 4-port switch can be used to connect the Ethernet nodes of the machine to the router on the available RJ45 ports.

Remote access to Ethernet-enabled devices such. PLC, HMI, IP camera
WAN, WIFI, 3G or LTE variants available
WAN interface for fail-over operation (3G, LTE and Wifi)
Space saving and compact
Integrated 4-port LAN switch
Integrated firewall
Digital inputs and outputs for establishing a connection, status display and alarm
Easy and fast configuration via the myREX24 VPN portal
Read, visualize, alarm and log data from PLC
Remotely maintain USB devices over the Internet
Dual SIM (3G and LTE)
DHCP server, DNS server, Dyn DNS, NTP server, PPP server (DSL modem)