Helmholz Potential distributor 4x DC 24 V, Highfeature, short-circuit protection, with alarms

Produktnummer: 600-730-4AD01
  • 4 power supply outputs, electrically isolated from the backplane bus
  • 24 V DC output voltage
  • Approx. 100 mA output current per channel
  • Self-resetting fuse
  • A blue LED indicates the module's operating status
  • Green/red LEDs indicate the outputs’ statuses
  • 24 V load voltage monitoring and diagnosis
  • Short circuit to GND monitoring and diagnosis for each channel
  • Channel status information in input image table

The 4x DC 24 V Highfeature potential distributor can be used to power up to four transducers or 3-wire sensors. Moreover, it features a monitoring functionality that not only monitors the 24 V load voltage, but that also monitors for overload and short-circuit conditions at the supply outputs.
In the event of a fault, the module will send a diagnostic signal to the PLC and change the color of the corresponding LEDs to red.
Status information in the process input image table makes it easier to monitor the power supply module.

Scope of delivery: Potential distributor 4 x DC 24 V Highfeature

Dimensions (DxWxH):  110 x 14 x 73 mm

Article name and order number
Potential distributor 4 x DC 24 V Highfeature 600-730-4AD01