Helmholz FLEXtra® twinRepeater, PROFIBUS repeater

Small size full repeater
Despite its small size, the FLEXtra® twinRepeater is a full PROFIBUS repeater designed for mounting on a DIN rail.
Produktnummer: 700-972-2AA02

It regenerates the incoming electrical signal on a bus line and retransmits it (bit reshaping and retransmission).

The signals are restored in level, slope, and duty cycle.

The FLEXtra® twinRepeater supports data rates of 9.6 kbps to 12 Mbps and recognizes them automatically.

It can be used for bus extension (up to 1 km with 2 FLEXtra® twinRepeaters), to increase the number of participants, and to expand the system. At the same time, use in MPI networks is possible. As a special application option, the FLEXtra® twinRepeater allows the setup of stubs as separate segments.

The status LEDs integrated for each segment provide a quick overview of the current bus status. Furthermore, the FLEXtra® twinRepeater provides electrical isolation between the two PROFIBUS segments.

In addition, it has a switch to turn off the repeating function. The segments are separated but continue to function for themselves.

PROFIBUS connectors are required for connection to the PROFIBUS cable.

  • Can be used for bus extension or as a spur line
  • Increase the number of participants
  • System expansion
  • Can also be used in MPI networks
  • Status LEDs for each segment
  • Repeating function can be switched off
  • Electrical isolation
PROFIBUS interface
Number 2
Transmission rate max. 12 Mbps, autom. detection
Connection SUB-D female connector, 9-pin
General information
Weight Approx. 110 g
Dimensions (DxWxH) 35 x 51 x 72 mm
Segment connection Via PROFIBUS connectors
Status indicator 5 LEDs
Voltage supply 24 V DC, 18–30 V DC
Current draw Typ. 60 mA with DC 24 V, without load
Output voltage per segment 5 V, 150 mA
Electrical isolation 500 V, between the segments