Flow Technology Turbine Flowmeter Smart Integral Linearizer (SIL)

Flowmeter electronics
Produktnummer: SIL

The SIL (Smart Integral Linearizer), paired with a Flow Technology turbine flow meter, is a fully integrated, microprocessor-based flow sensing system that provides a temperature-compensated, linearized output over the repeatable range of the flow meter.

Provides user-selectable K-factor outputs for ease of replacement
Linearizes output to ±0.1% of reading over full flow range
Provides mass or volumetric flow output for liquids
Fast response time (50 mS typical)
Performs temperature compensation internally
Mounts integrally to a turbine flowmeter
Operating Temperature: -40 to +185 deg F (-40 to +85 deg C)
Programmable to accommodate recalibration