Flow Technology Turbine Flowmeter CA03 & PA03 Signal Conditioners

Flowmeter electronics
Produktnummer: CA03 PA03

The CA03 and PA03 are economical signal conditioners that are designed for use with turbine flow meters. The CA03, when used with an RF pickoff generates a carrier frequency that is modulated by the rotating blades of a turbine rotor. This eliminates the effects of magnetic drag, greatly extending the range and linearity of small meters in low flow applications.

Amplifies low level pick-off signal to square wave pulse
Conditions modulated carrier or magnetic pickoffs
Long range transmission (over 1 mile/1.6 km)
10 volts pulse output, frequency proportional to flow rate
Remote mounted or integral with flow meter
Reverse voltage protected
Lightweight polypropylene, NEMA 4X or explosion-proof enclosures
24 VDC powered