Flow Technology SA Series Turbine Flowmeters

SA Series – Sanitary applications
Produktnummer: SA

Flow Technology's sanitary turbine flow meters provide accuracy, versatility and economy in measuring a wide variety of beverage and pharmaceutical products. Flow Technology's more than 50 years experience enables the company to produce an extremely durable sanitary turbine flowmeter with a smooth finish which is designed to eliminate cracks and crevices where bacteria can breed.

Key Benefits
• Accuracy
• Speed of Response
• Universal Calibrations
• Reliablity
• Compactness

Designed for sanitary applications
Accuracy: ±0.25%
Repeatability: ±0.1% of reading
Linearity: ±0.1% (100:1) with linearizing electronics
Flow Rates: 0.1 to 250 GPM (0.38 to 946 LPM)
Materials of Construction: 316 SS housing and 430F SS rotor
Housing Surface Finish: Electropolished – 25Ra
End Fittings: Sanitary Tri-Clamp
Bearings: Ceramic journal
Withstands clean-in-place (CIP) and sterilize-in-place