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Flow Technology MicroLF-100 Ultrasonic Flowmeter

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MicroLF-100 – Low flows in 3 and 6 mm tubing sizes
Produktnummer: MicroLF-100

The Model Micro LF 100 Ultrasonic Liquid Flow meter is an accurate, reliable and cost-effective ultrasonic instrument capable of measuring very low flow rates through small diameter PFA tube. The micro LF 100 sensors are supplied molded to a section of 3 or 6 mm PFA tubing which is inserted in the flow measurement line. Ideal meter for semiconductor, low flow or corrosive applications.

Key Benefits
• Ultra low flow rates
• Fast response time
• No moving parts
• PFA material of construction
• Zero maintenance
• No recalibration required
• Zero pressure drop
• Maintenance free

Designed for low flows in 3 and 6 mm tubing sizes
Accuracy: +/- 2% of reading from 3.3 to 33 ft/sec
Repeatability: +/-0.2%
Mounting: Sensors molded to a section of 3 or 6 mm PFA tubing
Line sizes: 6 mm O.D. x 4mm I.D. and 3mm O.D. x 2 mm I.D.
Temperature range: 50 to 158 F
Outputs: 1 analog, 1 open collector
Electronics: Panel mount