Flow Technology Liquid Primary Standard – Microtrak / Omnitrak

Calibration Equipment
Produktnummer: Microtrak_Omnitrak

Flow Technology's Microtrak and Omnitrak positive displacement computer–assisted liquid flowmeter calibration systems provide performance, reliability and economical benefits of ownership.

Exceptional accuracy and stability are achieved from a precisely honed, chrome–plated stainless steel cylinder used to displace the fluid used for calibration.

Key Benefits
• Performs complete liquid flowmeter calibration in minutes
• Calibrates all principal meter types including: coriolis, electromagnetic, positive displacement, turbine, orifice, variabel area, venturi, vortex
• Calibration fluid is quick and easy to change
• Small calibration fluid volume minimizes fluid inventory
• Field calibration using water draw validation
• Automated version available to meet large volume user needs

Ballistic Primary Standard Calibrator for Liquids
Flow range of 0.001 to 400 GPM (0.004 to 1500 LPM)
± 0.05% uncertainty of volumetric flow rate measurement (95% C.L.) typical
Flowmeter pulse, magnetic pickoff, RF pickoff and manual inputs std. (Analog inputs available)