Flow Technology Gas Primary Standard – Autobell®

Calibration Equipment
Produktnummer: Autobell

The Autobell®, a primary standard gas calibration system, is used to accurately measure a displaced volume of gas at a constant pressure. Interface electronics are provided to measure displaced volume and the time over which the volume is displaced so that a precise flow rate can be determined.

To calibrate a gas flow meter using the Autobell®, the flow meter must be installed upstream of the bell so that all gas flowing through it is captured by the calibrator.

Key Benefits
• Directly traceable to NIST
• Calibrates all principal meter types including: turbine, variable area, thermal
• Automatic level compensation for liquid seal volume
• Stainless Steel Construction provides durability
• Automatic data acquisition through PC and interface

Primary standard gas calibration system
Flow range of 0.1 to 125 ACFM (2.83 to 3540 ALPM)
+/- 0.2% uncertainty of volumetric flow rate measurement (95% C.L.) typical
Interface using menu driven CalWare software