Flow Technology Flow Transfer Standard – EZ-CAL / EZ-LINK for Liquid

Calibration Equipment
Produktnummer: Gecko

The Gecko EZ-CAL / EZ-LINK flow transfer standard is intended for in-line calibration and proving of flow meters using the actual process liquid.

Gecko EZ-LINK is the portable interface box that accepts flow, temperature and pressure inputs from the transfer standard flow meter and the meter under test. Gecko EZ-CAL is an intuitive Windows® based calibration software package. It enables the user to setup and run verification and calibration profiles as well as store and print user defined calibration certificates.

Key Benefits
• Portable and lightweight
• Provides economical in-line calibration for volumetric and mass flow meters
• Calibrates or proves all principal meters types including: magnetic, mass, positive displacement, turbine, ultrasonic, and vortex
• Directly traceable to NIST
• Measures and corrects for influences of line pressure and temperature effects on flow
• Fast, convenient results using menu driven EZ-CAL Software
• USB interface from Gecko EZ-LINK to a standard PC
• System accuracy driven by accuracy of the master meter, temperature & pressure inputs

Secondary standard for liquid
2 channel flowmeter input – flow pulse or analog inputs
Single channel analog or voltage pressure input
Single channel RTD, analog or voltage temperature input