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Flow Technology Electromagnetic Flowmeter MC 106 Magnetic Flow Transmitter

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Flowmeter electronics
Produktnummer: MC106

The MC 106 transmitter can be interfaced to all Flow Technology mag meters. The MC 106A transmitter can be integrally or remotely mounted to the mag meter. It is supplied in an IP67 rated ABS enclosure with an optional display. Modifications to programming of the MC 106A transmitter will require the hand held TRM-100 programmer. The MC 106B transmitter is a panel-mounted display. It has the same operation features as the MC 106A version with the added capability of transmitter programming through the faceplate push buttons.

Panel- or meter-mounted mag meter transmitter
Input Power: DC or AC
Display: Rate and Total - 16 character, 2 line
Pulse Output 1: Scaled total, linear rate, or alarms
Analog Ouput: 4 -20 mA output
Serial Interface: RS 485
Diagnostics for empty pipe detection and electrode malfunction
Bidirectional flow capability
Auto dual range capability
IP67 or IP44 protection dependent on configuration
Password protection