ET System Electronic loads AC and DC

DC Loads
Our electronic loads family covers a broad range of voltage, current and power. These devices are often used as table instruments in laboratories and are also available for use in 19 inch rack systems or as euro cassette. If front operation is not required the devices can also be exclusively operated via an analogue interface.

For operation via computer an IEEE 488.2, RS-232/485, USB or LAN interface can be built in enabling remote control and systems integration. The devices allow constant current and constant resistance operation. The test parameters can be preset and the Dynamic option additionally enables constant voltage and constant power operation.

The Dynamic function offers a range of different wave forms and allows for changing the frequency in addition to setting current rise times. Our electronic loads are used in many applications including burn-in of new devices, precise power supply stress tests, battery and DC source tests or photovoltaic element manufacturing. If our standard loads offering should not meet your requirements, we shall procure a fast and low-cost custom solution.

• 6 different operating modes:
• Protection against excess current, overvoltage, overload, overtemperature and polarity reversal
• Battery testing and short circuit function