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ERNI ERbic Profibus standard plugg, lys grå, horisontal, 9-pins hunn og hann, med service/PU-tilkobling

PROFIBUS med ekstern switch og IDC-terminal, 144536
Produktnummer: 144536

Profibus is the most widely used field bus. It is promoted by Siemens and by organized, interested and committed manufacturers and users in the PNO (Profibus user organization). The IP 20 interface on the device side is standardized as a 9-pin D-Sub female connector. The max. data transmission rate is 12 Mbit/s.

The cable is a shielded twisted pair conductor. The cable sheath is violet and the signal cores are green (A) and red (B).

With its comprehensive program, ERNI provides customers with a wide variety of options.

Particular emphasis should be placed on the different termination technologies, from the traditional screw terminal to the cage clamp terminal to the IDC terminal.*

* Due to continuous advancement, it is possible that the UL approval of a new version may not have been completed at the time of going to press.

Interface connector D-Sub, 9-pin, male
D-Sub male or female (PU connection) Class 3
Cable termination 2 x horizontal, 2 x vertical, MAX: 2 x axial
1 cable outlet can be sealed with blanking plate
Cable diameter 4.5 mm – 8.0 mm
Cross section of individual conductor Screw terminal: solid max. 1.5 mm2; stranded max. 1.0 mm2
IDC terminal: solid ø 0.64 mm
Cage-clamp terminal: 0.08 - 0.5 mm2 (0.75 mm2)
Termination type Screw terminal, IDC terminal, cage-clamp terminalX
Data transmission rate According to bus specification, 12 MBit/s
Temperature range -20 °C – +70 °C
Permissible humidity Max. 75 % at + 25 °C, non-condensing
Protection class IP 40, MAX: IP 30
D-Sub screw #4/40 UNC, knurled with cross-head