EM Test dito ESD Simulator

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Dito – the ultimate ESD tester
Produktnummer: dito

Electrostatic discharges either from a human body to any other part or between two different objects can cause persistent disturbances or even destruction to sensitive electronics or controls. Voltages of several 1,000 volts are generated.

dito is the most advanced ESD tester to simulate ESD pulses as per EN/IEC 61000-4-2 and other standards requirements.

dito is best designed for the different requirements for testing ESD. Its powerful battery allows to generate more than 50,000 pulses at 16.5kV. This is enough for more than a full day's job. Its different menues lead the user through standard tests, helps to evaluate the test points and allows to find susceptibility levels. It is unlike any other ESD generators. Its ergonomic design is recognised to be more user-friendly. There is no part of dito that hides the discharge tip while watching the display or operating the dito. You see where you point the tip no matter how you direct dito to the DUT.

The discharge voltage is measured and recorded. Discharge is stopped automatically when battery voltage becomes low. The user is informed when dito cannot charge properly. All this helps to assure reliable and reproducible tests without any question mark and doubt. Discharge tips and discharge networks can easily be changed without disassembling the dito; simply remove one and plug-on another tip or module. The discharge modules are automatically recognised and the R/C configuration is shown in the display. You just can't use a wrong discharge network!

dito can be operated with one hand only (left or right hand doesn't matter). All operation keys are well in reach of your thumb. The trigger button is operated with your point finger. The large display shows all relevant parameters. The easy-to-follow menu structure allows fast settings and change of parameters.

Most ergonomic design
Light weight (870g)
Interchangeable discharge tips
Interchangeable R/C networks
LiFePO4 power booster to perform long duration tests
Library of standard test routines
Test voltage measurement and control
Various test routines for testing and evaluation
High-sophisticated user guidance by test plans created by esd.control software
Optional fiber optic link between dito and computer (USB port)