EM Test VSS 500N12 Series Voltage Surge Simulator

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The VSS 500N12 is a surge voltage simulator specifically designed to test insulation material, components, sockets, connectors, cables and many more items to their voltage withstand capability. Testing the voltage withstand capability by means of a transient test pulse is the most common alternative to tests using a.c. or d.c. voltages.
By means of the built-in voltage and current monitors and the Spark Over Detection you are offered detailed test results to judge the quality of the DUT.
Safety precautions are taken to assure safe operation at this high voltage level. The VSS 500N12 provides interlock and warning lamp control. By means of an optional test box the operator can be further protected to avoid direct contact with high voltage and to avoid harm from exploding components or fragments of them when failing.
iec.control remote control and documentation software allows fully automated testing.

Surge voltage up to 12kV
Wave form 1.2/50us
Built-in source impedance
Warning lamp control
Voltage/current measurement
Spark-over detection
Manual operation
USB and GPIB interface