EM Test TSS 500N10 Telecom Surge Generator as per ITU / FCC up to 10 kV

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The TSS 500N10 is a compact tester to generate the Telecom Surge pulses 10/700us and 9/720us as well as the 1.2/50us Voltage Surge pulse.
The TSS 500N10 is not just the pulse generator but it comes with the built-in coupling networks for 2-wire and 4-wire test applications. The outputs can directly be connected to the Telecom ports of the DUT. For testing Telecom lines EM TEST offers the appropriate coupling networks for 4-wire or 8-wire lines.
Pre-programmed Standard Test routines allow best user convenience. Still the TSS 500N10 offers the Quick Start test routine where parameters can be changed on-line during the test to evaluate the susceptibility level of an individual DUT.

Standalone tester for 10/700us pulse as per EN/IEC 61000-4-5
Test voltage up to 10kV
Complies to ITU-T for enhanced level testing
Complies to FCC part 68 (Surge B pulses)
Built-in CDNs for 2-wire and 4-wire applications
Manual operation
Standard Test routines
USB and GPIB interface
Brochure EM Test TSS 500N10 Datasheet