EM Test EFT 500N8 Electrical Fast Transient Generator

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The EFT 500N8 is the state-of-the-art EFT/Burst tester with a built-in coupling/decoupling network for single phase or three-phase mains supply lines and a HV terminal to connect a capacitive coupling clamp.
The spike frequency can be varied from as low as 100Hz to 1,000kHz. The EFT 500N8 is capable to generate 1,000 spikes per second or up to 150 spikes per burst.
Its performance fully complies with IEC 61000-4-4:2004. Pre-programmed Standard Test routines and a number of selected User Test routines make the EFT 500N8 an optimum standalone solution for both testing during development and final testing of products and sub-assemblies.

Standalone Tester
7,000V Burst voltage
Spike frequency 1MHz
Built-in 1ph or 3ph coupler
Standard Test routines
USB and GPIB interfaces