EM Test CWS 500N3 Simulator for low frequencies 10 Hz - 250 kHz

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The CWS 500N3 is the state-of-the-art solution in a compact single-box design to test the immunity to conducted low-frequency disturbances and low-frequency magnetic fields. The CWS 500N3 includes a LF signal generator and amplifer, a low-frequency transformer 2:1, a frequency- selective voltage/current meter and load resistors as required by the standards. For remote control via icd.control software both a GPIB and USB interface are available. icd.control software supports the test routines, controls external measuring devices and automatically generates a test report including all test data.

Most compact equipment for ripple noise on ac/dc supplies and magnetic fields
Built-in LF signal generator
Built-in LF amplifier
Built-in LF transformer 2:1
Built-in frequency-selective voltage and current meter
Built-in load resistors
Automatic self-calibration