EM Test CSS 500N10 Current Surge Generator, 8/20us up to 10kA

Current Surge Simulator for Component Testing
Produktnummer: CSS 500N10

Various current surge pulses are specified to determine the characteristics of a protection device such as a varistor. Typically current surge pulses such as 8/20us, 10/350us or 10/1,000us are applied to test such components.

Within the range of current surge generators EM TEST is offering solutions for small energy varistors with test currents up to 1,200A as well as generators ranging up to 10kA (8/20us surge current) or 4kA (10/350us surge current).

Surge current 8/20us up to 10kA
Built-in voltage/current monitors (depending on model)
Warning lamp control
Test box with interlock (option)
USB (optical link) and GPIB interface