EM Test CNI 508N2 Coupling/decoupling assembly for unshielded and shielded high-speed communication lines up to 1GBit/s

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The EM TEST CNI 508N2 is the first coupling/decoupling network available on the market to couple Surge onto shielded and unshielded high-speed communication lines with data rates up to 1,000MBit/s. Additionally, the CNI 508N2 can be used as a coupling/decoupling network to apply Burst- as well as Ringwave pulses to shielded lines. The CNI 508 N2 meets the requirements according to the standards IEC 61000-4-5 .

Surge test voltage up to 4kV (1.2/50us)
Ringwave test voltage up to 4kV (0.5us/100kHz)
Burst test voltage up to 4kV (5/50ns)
Residual voltage max. 15V at 2kV
Coupling to shielded lines with up to 4 pairs
Data transfer up to 1,000MBit/s
Fully compatible to PoE and PoE+ requirements
DUT/AE connection via RJ45 male connectors