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Dynisco Series DYMT Melt Temperature Probe

Dynisco has a wide variety of robust Melt Temperature measurement devices, DYMT is one of these.
Produktnummer: DYMT

The Melt Thermocouple Sereis DYMT is especially designed to meet requirements of the polymer industry. The flexible design of this series allows the use in extrusion and injection molding processes.

The mounting thread is compatible with the threads used for melt pressure measurement. Therefore the DYMT series is ready for use in most extrusion systems.

The blade style thermocouples feature a unique blade design which reduces the friction in the melt stream, the special rotation design of the blades allows low friction installation.

The Melt Thermocouple Series DYMT is also available with dual TC and RTD.

Rugged design
Designed especially for the ploymer industry
1000 bars max. pressure
Various TC and RTD
Flush or blade style
Balde can be positioned in flow direction
Various threads available
DYNICSO pressure transducer mounting hole compatible