Dynisco 1390 Indicator Series

Strain Gage Indicator
Strain gage indicator
Produktnummer: 1390

Dynisco’s 1390 strain gage indicator offers a field selectable display and dual configurable alarms to meet your changing pressure indication requirements. The available mA or Vdc linear retransmission or serial communications enable the user to log, send and/or retrieve process information. A simple front panel instrument calibration and compact profile make the 1390 the ideal indicator for your process. The indicator comes equipped with beacons which display the alarms, remote configuration and the desire pressure unit, and has a cable hook up that allows use of Configware, the 1390 indicator configuration software.

350 Ohm strain gage input
Push-button programming and calibration
DynaLink software configurable
Scalable, voltage or current models
MODBus communications option
Peak and valley detection
Convenient 1/8 DIN size
Direct pressure readings
Easy to use
Store and download saved configurations
Analog retransmission
Send and receive information from PLC’s, PC’s, etc.
Recall extremes of the process
Save panel space