Digital To TV

DTTV Combiners / Amplifiers – Amplifiers and combiners modules, with or without amplified output, designed especially for the DTTV digital headend. DTTV Encoders modulators – These modules allow obtaining an MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 H.264 output, which is compatible with the DTTV digital headend, from analogue or digital sources. DTTV IP Streamers – To use the DTTV digital headend as a transmitter of IP SPTS or MPTS content through an Ethernet network. DTTV Modulators – Obtaining standard DVB-T signals (Digital Terrestrial Television) from TS-ASI Transport Streams. DTTV Receivers – Modules with CAM slots (for encrypted channels) for the DTTV digital headend. To extract TS-ASI streams from DVB-T, DVB-S/S2 or IP sources. DTTV Transmodulators – These modules for the DTTV digital headend allow you to convert DVB-T signals from other DVB-T or DVB-S/S2 signals, free or scrambled. Other DTTV parts – Auxiliary elements of the DTTV digital headend, for remote control, power and rack or wall mounting.