Dataq EL-WiFi-TH Wireless Temperature & RH Data Logger

Low-cost Wireless Data Logger Measures Temperatures from -20 to +60°C (-4 to +140°F) and RH from 0 to 100%
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Produktnummer: EL-WiFi-TH

Model EL-WiFi-TH is a WiFi-based, wireless data logger for time and date-stamped temperature and humidity measurements. It adheres to the 802.11b standard and can integrate with any new or existing WiFi network. The data logger is powered by a built-in, re-chargeable battery to allow purely stand-alone performance, and it's packaged in a small, IP55-rated enclosure to tolerate dusty and sprayed water environments. It is fully programmable, initially via a built-in USB interface, and thereafter wirelessly via the WiFi link using included Windows-based software. Programmable parameters include a unique logger name, °F or °C, logging rate, report rate, as well as temperature and humidity alarms. The same software acts as a repository for temperature and humidity data, which the data logger uploads at programmable periodic intervals. Built-in memory seamlessly buffers over 57 days of readings when contact is lost with the WiFi network, the software, or the PC on to which the software is running. When the connection is re-established the data logger transparently uploads its memory contents to the PC while still logging data. Data is stored on the host PC in comma-separated value (CSV) format, and the host program allows the graphical review of acquired temperature and humidity data along with a dew-point calculation and time and date of acquisition, and seamless data export to Microsoft Excel.

0 to 100% RH measurements
-20 to +60°C (-4 to +140°F) temperature measurements
Ingress Protection Rating of 55 resists dust and water spray
Built-in display shows current, min/max readings, alarm states
Wireless communication to any PC using WiFi
802.11b-compliant for universal compatibility
Built-in, rechargeable battery for independent deployment
Seamlessly uploads memory to host PC at programmable intervals
Huge buffer memory of 500,000 readings tolerates disconnects
Programmable high/low alarm limits
Built-in USB interface for battery charging and initial configuration
Free configuration, review, and Excel-export software
Supplied with mounting bracket and USB cable